4 Reasons Your Home Suffers From Low Water Pressure!

4 Reasons Your Home Suffers From Low Water Pressure!

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, you should not take water pressure issues lightly. In most cases, low water pressure is usually a sign of an oncoming plumbing problem. Of course, low water pressure is a pretty annoying problem in itself as it hampers your daily routine. Tasks such as dishwashing or taking a shower become frustrating and near impossible due to low water pressure.

There could be many reasons behind the low water pressure in your home, and this blog post explores four reasons why your home might suffer from low water pressure!

1) A Build-Up of Minerals

Quite often, the accumulation of minerals and other sediments inside your pipes can cause low water pressure. You need to contact a professional plumber and have them fix the problem. The repair procedure might involve replacing blocked or corroded plumbing pipes with new ones.

Hiring a professional plumbing company like A Better Plumber and Sewer Company in Arlington Heights, IL, will save you from recurring plumbing problems.

2) Leaky Pipes

Broken pipes or a leaky faucet can also slow the water supply. This can happen at any time, and the longer it goes on without being dealt with, the worse the consequences will become! If you notice an unusual noise coming from your plumbing system, this could also indicate a problem in one of its components. You need to turn off all appliances that use water to prevent the situation from worsening and flooding out parts of your home.

3) Faulty Pressure Regulator

A regulator manages the pressure at which water flows from the service line to your home. If it doesn’t work correctly, you might have low pressure when running a dishwasher or washing machine because these appliances consume more water than others.

You should remember to have the regulator serviced every few years by professionals who know what they are doing so as to minimize any chances of experiencing problems in the future!

4) Sediment Buildup in Hot Water Heater

When a water heater is not regularly used or the tank is near capacity, sediment can build up at its bottom. A small quantity of sediment left over from cold-water storage tanks shouldn’t cause any problems, but if you notice more than a few inches, then it may cause problems! You will experience lower pressures while running appliances like dishwashers or washing machines and an increased risk of burst pipes due to overheating.

Contacting a professional for repair will provide you with a quick fix for low water pressure issues. If you wish to resolve this issue permanently, then consider calling A Better Plumber and Sewer Company. We offer complete commercial and residential plumbing solutions at affordable rates to our clients in Arlington Heights, IL. Request a free quote from our staff and get the plumbing fixtures at your home back on track!