4 Ways To Find The Best Water Heater For Your Needs!

4 Ways To Find The Best Water Heater For Your Needs!

Like all other products, you are bombarded with loads of options when you shop for the best water heaters in Arlington Heights, IL. With the overload of information, making an informed decision can be a little challenging.

Water heaters are a vital part of any home, as they ensure a constant supply of warm water for your multiple needs. Picking the right water heater not only guarantees a steady supply of hot water but also ensures energy efficiency, saving you a significant amount on bills while protecting the environment.

However, things can go downhill quickly if you get a water heater not suited for your family or the area you live in. This is why we suggest considering the following factors when you go water heater shopping.

Storage Capacity

Depending on the number of individuals living in your home, you need to purchase a water heater that can store enough water to cater to their needs. A storage capacity of 25 to 30 liters is ideal for a home of four people.

A water heater with limited storage capacity will break under the extreme pressure of supplying water to a large household. In this case, you should go for tankless water heaters; they ensure a constant water supply. However, tankless water heaters are considerably more expensive as compared with other water heater types.

Energy Efficiency

When you purchase a water heater, you must ensure that it is energy efficient or else you’ll get very high energy bills. The system requires energy to heat the water, and the energy source you use depends on the cost and sources available. Gas and electric water heaters are usually the most popular. Your water heater choice should be based on the most cost-effective energy source available to you.


Modern water heaters are equipped with various functionalities that bring about variations in their prices and overall value. When looking for a water heater, you should select one that offers all the necessary functionalities within your budget. However, you must ensure that the functionalities are easy to understand and use. Some water heaters, for example, come with heating indicators that indicate when the stored water is hot and ready for use.

Tank or Tankless Heaters

Tank water heaters are available in two types, electric and gas. The tanks are insulated to ensure the water stays warm while the thermostat manages the stored water temperature. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are much more comfortable and energy-efficient. Having a tankless water heater means you have access to an endless supply of hot water.

Prioritizing your needs for a hot water supply helps you decide on the ideal water heater for your home. Once you purchase the water heater, you’ll need professional help for installation and regular maintenance. At A Better Plumber & Sewer Company Inc., we offer premium water heater installation and repair services at economical rates anywhere in Arlington Heights, IL. Get a free quote for our services!