Avoid Plumbing Clogs By Responsible Flushing & Disposing Habits

Avoid Plumbing Clogs By Responsible Flushing & Disposing Habits

It’s essential to prevent clogs in your home’s plumbing system, and this can easily be done by responsible flushing and disposing habits. You may think you don’t have a problem with clogs because it has been a while since you had one, but they are quite common when certain precautions are not taken. Avoid flushing anything other than human waste. This will prevent your pipes from backing up or becoming clogged.

If you are unsure of what should not be flushed down a toilet, here is a list for you:

1) Paper Towels

Paper towels are not to be flushed down the toilet. Even though these are small items, they will start accumulating over time and cause a clog. Flushing other types of personal care products are also discouraged as this can lead to residue being left behind in your pipes which may contribute to future plumbing issues.

2) Hair

Hair can be a nasty clogger. Hair can wrap around and adhere itself to all kinds of debris in your pipes, so avoid flushing it down as well. If you do not have time for proper hair removals, such as shaving or plucking before taking a shower, try using lint rollers or special sticky tape to remove the hair from your body before you bathe.

3) Bandages

If you have had an injury that required medical treatment, avoid flushing the bandages down your drain. They are made of non-biodegradable plastic and cannot be processed by our wastewater treatment systems.

4) Pads and Tampons

Avoid flushing tampons, pads and panty liners down your toilet. These items are made from absorbent materials such as cotton, rayon, or other cellulose products that can easily clog pipes if they do not decompose properly before arriving at wastewater treatment plants. To avoid these types of clogs, you can wrap up used pads or tampons in toilet paper and place them in the trash.

5) Cosmetic Wipes

Cosmetic wipes are another product that is not designed to break down in our wastewater treatment systems. These include makeup pads, baby wipes, and facial tissue products. All of these items should be disposed of in the trash rather than flushed down your toilet because they can cause serious plumbing problems.

6) Diapers

These should also be thrown in the trash rather than flushed down your toilet or sink because they can cause a lot of damage to pump stations and septic tanks with time, causing significant malfunctions that will require costly repairs by commercial plumbers.

7) Cotton Swabs

They should only be thrown in the trash or put into a small plastic bag before being placed in your household garbage bin outside.

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