Can I Pour Oil Down The Drain? Things To Keep Away From Your Kitchen Drains In winter

Can I Pour Oil Down The Drain? Things To Keep Away From Your Kitchen Drains In winter

Winter is here, and we welcome it by bundling up in our scarves and hats. You are also probably stocking up on lots of warm stews, soups, and pies to enjoy during these cold months. The smell of hot food warms us up during the long nights when it’s too cold to go outside. But what does all this indulgence in food mean for your kitchen drains?

In winter, the cold, dry air creates a perfect environment for drain blockages. Plus, if you pour cooking oils and other substances into your sink, it can cause severe clogs in your drainpipes.

To help prevent this from happening, the expert plumbers at A Better Plumber & Sewer in Schaumburg, IL, have compiled a list of things you should avoid flushing down your kitchen sink in winter.


It may seem convenient to pour oil down into your sink after cooking with it instead of disposing of it correctly. However, this causes many issues because oils don’t dissolve easily and will thicken at the bottom of your pipes. This will cause blockages, which result in costly repairs and can also lead to sewage backups.


Although flour is great to thicken sauces for your winter meals, it’s not suitable for your drains. Flour can solidify and create a paste similar to oil, so you should keep this one away from the drains too.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another kitchen ingredient that can cause issues in the drains. Coffee grounds will turn into a thick, sticky paste if they’re poured down your sink and create blockages quickly.

Additionally, coffee stains the insides of drains, which make them, look dirty even when they’re clogged with coffee grinds!


Spices are fantastic for adding flavor to your cooking. However, they’re not so suitable for the drains.

Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg can clog your drains and leave residue on the pipes that are difficult to remove. It can also create an unpleasant smell in your kitchen sink.

So instead of just throwing spices down your drain, give them a quick rinse under some water and collect them in a recycling bag to dispose of them properly.

If you’ve been noticing an increase in the number of clogs, slow draining sinks, and bathtubs, or a decrease in water pressure at your home in Schaumburg, IL – it’s time to call A Better Plumber & Sewer for service.

We offer drain cleaning services that will help keep your drains clean all winter long so that next year is as easy as this one has been. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our plumbing experts, who are ready and waiting to serve your needs.