Chemical Drain Cleaners – A Risk To Your Home’s Drainage System!

Chemical Drain Cleaners – A Risk To Your Home’s Drainage System!

Chemical drain cleaners are a common household item that many homeowners think is harmless. The truth, however, is that these chemicals have been proven to be toxic and detrimental to the drainage system of your home.

This blog post will discuss six reasons why using a chemical drainage cleaner is risky to your drainage system and its appeal. Let’s get started!

1. Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Cause Pipe Corrosion

Chemical drain cleaner is corrosive, and if it’s used too often, your drainage system will corrode.

The more you use a chemical drain cleaner in the same areas of your drainage system, the faster this process occurs. It doesn’t take long for a small area to become large enough to require expensive repairs.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Lead to Drainage System Blockages

If your drainage system is made of pipe that’s corroded or otherwise damaged, the chemicals from a drain cleaner could seep into those pipes and cause them to expand. The next time you use a chemical drain cleaner in that area, it will have nowhere to go but back up through your drainage system.

3. Chemical Drainage Cleaners Can Damage Drainage Pumps

Corrosion and drainage pipes aren’t the only problems caused by chemical drainage cleaners. If you use these chemicals to fix a drainage problem, there is a good chance that they’ll damage your drainage pumps as well – which means big trouble down the road for your drainage system.

4. Chemical Drainage Cleaners Can Damage Septic Tanks

Septic systems are the drainage system for your home. It’s possible that if you use chemical drain cleaner in a clogged sink or tub, it could find its way into your septic tank and cause severe problems.

5. Chemical Drainage Cleaners Can Cause Sewer Gas Problems

Drainage systems are not designed to handle corrosive chemicals, so their material will degrade over time. This degradation process allows sewer gases to escape into your home when drainage pipes begin leaking.

6. Chemical Drainage Cleaners Will Lead to More Expensive Drainage System Repairs

It makes sense that the fewer chemicals you use to clean your drainage systems, the fewer drainage system problems you will have on your hands.

Unfortunately, this means that those who still opt for chemical drainage cleaners as their primary cleaning method should expect more significant issues down the road.

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