Drain Clogs: 6 Types Of Waste You Should Know About & How They Affect Your Plumbing System

Drain Clogs: 6 Types Of Waste You Should Know About & How They Affect Your Plumbing System

Drain clogs are a drain on your time and money. They can happen for many reasons, but the result is always the same: expensive plumbing bills in addition to endless hours spent clearing them out.

It is essential to know what can cause drain clogs and how to prevent them from happening again! This blog post will discuss six ordinary types of waste that lead to clogged drains and how they affect your plumbing system.

1. Grease

Grease is one of the most common causes of drain blockages because it combines with other food particles and sticks together inside of pipes. If left untreated, grease will eventually build up enough so that water cannot pass through at all. This is terrible news for anyone who needs running water!

2. Paper

Paper is another frequent drain clog culprit. It’s a common drain-clogging material because it can easily be flushed down the drain by accident, and then it starts to expand once water hits it on its way down. The result? A paper towel has now turned into something that resembles a big ball of cotton candy!

3. Hair

Hair tends to knot up and become entangled with other drain-clogging materials, such as soap residue. This is why expert drain cleaners recommend using a drain grate protector to keep hair from going down the drain in the first place! If it’s too late for that, then you’ll need to remove the drain grate protector and use a drain snake or drain auger to remove the clog.

4. Moisture

Moisture is also a drain clog risk. This can come from so many sources, such as hand soap residue and food scraps that have been left behind in the drain after washing dishes. It might be hard to believe, but there are even cases of mold or mildew growing inside drainpipes, which should not be taken lightly!

5. Fats and Oils

Avoid pouring fats and oils down the drain. They are hard to clean up, solidify in your drainpipe, cause foul odors, clog drains, and produce sludge that accumulates over time. Instead of throwing it away or flushing it down the drain, you should dispose of oil properly into a container.

6. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can add wonderful flavor to your morning cup of Joe, but drain cleaners do not recommend flushing them down the drain. Coffee grounds — as well as eggshells and other items that don’t break apart easily, will stick to the grease and build up in pipes. They won’t dissolve, and the result is clogged drains.

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