Hunting For Hidden Leaks Around Your House!

Hunting For Hidden Leaks Around Your House!

Leaks can occur anyplace in your plumbing that has either aged, been installed faultily, has low-quality fixture threading, or where an ‘act of God’ left the pipes disturbed. If not, then it’s the corrosive quality of water in the mains, or the water pressure is probably to blame.

Some leaks are apparent, dripping in plain sight. Some are far too dubious about being left to visual or auditory detection; this is why A Better Plumber & Sewer Company offers video sewer inspection as it helps detect leaks or the makings of one.

Don’t fret, though; there are some effortless ways to determine the location of your leak.

The Water Meter as A Detection Tool

  1. Shut off all water valves and deactivate your water-dependent appliances, including water heaters, dishwashers, grade sprinklers, and hoses.
  1. Stand sentry over your water meter. Record the initial value on the meter, then check again in a couple of hours, during which you must not open the water mains.
  1. If the value has changed throughout a couple of hours, you have caught the scent of a leak.

Determining the Location of The Leak

  1. Start visiting prime spots of a water utility or appliance that may exhibit dampness after shutting off your valves.
  1. Prime locations are the privy tank, sprinkler attachment, kitchen sink, water heater inlet valve, bathroom attachment, and under sinks.
  1. You might find a damp, moldy scent in some spots, which is a surefire sign of a leak.
  1. Make sure to check your toilet flush tank. If it emptied when the valve was shut off, the leak is definitely a silent toilet leak.
  1. If you can see moist patches of mildewy drywall or concrete wall, then you have discovered a major leak in the structural placing of the plumbing.

Fixing The Leak: DIY or Professionally?

  1. If you do not require turning off the main water valve for the leak to manifest itself, this is an apparent and significant leak. Kindly contact a professional and keep your main water line off.
  1. The O-ring (kind of a plumbing gasket) tends to wear out in aged bathroom and kitchen fixtures, resulting in leaks. You can DIY repair this with a couple of new O-rings and a quality wench.
  1. You can apply the grout to the floor corners for bathroom seepage, but if the seepage is from the drains, then it’s a job for a professional.

Hunting Tips:

  1. Drip some environmental-friendly or edible die around suspect silent plumbing joints, fixtures, exterior hoses, and around water appliance valves. Check after a few hours if the dye has dispersed or dried.
  1. Keep an MEP blueprint of your property at home so you can better pick out suspect leak sites.
  1. Invest in a moisture meter. Find leak. Depending on the severity of the leak, call in the cavalry.

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