If You Suspect Your Shower Is Leaking, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The Source

If You Suspect Your Shower Is Leaking, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The Source

Many things keep homeowners awake all night; leaky showers are one of them. There is no doubt that a leaky shower can cause colossal damage to your home’s structure if left untreated for long and result in costly repairs and sky-high water bills.

One way to put your leaky shower agony to rest is by investigating the source behind the moldy smell, rust, and other stains spotted in your bathroom.

And if you feel an instant wet and warm feeling the moment you step foot in the bathroom, this could be an indication that your leaky shower predicament has led you literally to, well, hot waters.

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Below we have listed down some of the most common sources behind a leaking shower!

1. Faulty or Clogged Up Showerhead

When it comes to your shower leaking, there are mainly two possible reasons as to why that could be. It is either due to a limescale buildup; or it could be due to a defective rubber washer failing to insulate the showerhead properly.

The solution: Generously spray a limescale solution on the showerhead after you have detached the showerhead from the shower wall and let the solution sit for a good ten minutes. Once the time has passed, and the limescale buildup has dissolved, you want to scrub it using any cleaning brush.

Then, leave the showerhead to fully dry while you check the rubber washer. If the rubber washer appears to have cracks or tears, you need to replace it with a new one. Lastly, wrap an adhesive tape all around the showerhead to seal it properly and put together all the shower head parts like they were.

2. Worn Out Shower Hose

Just like every other object we use daily, shower hoses also succumb to frequent wear and tear. And when this wear and tear goes out of control, this is when your shower begins to leak.

This goes to prove why homeowners need to diligently stay alert for shower leaks and change their shower hoses from time to time to avoid even heftier repairs down the line.

3. Water Pipe Supply Issue

Water pipes are responsible for supplying a smooth and steady water flow, but when broken down or installed incorrectly, you end up with a leaky shower.

An inadequate and inconsistent supply of water is also the result of a faulty pipe. This is why getting a professional at A Better Plumber & Sewer Company Inc. to tend to your water supply issue is imperative in preventing major damage to your home’s plumbing line! We also provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services to home and property owners in Round Lake, IL.