The Bog Of Eternal Stench: The Pros & Cons Of Having A Septic Tank

The Bog Of Eternal Stench: The Pros & Cons Of Having A Septic Tank

While the image of a septic tank may not sit well with most people, it may be unpopular, but septic tank systems have many pros that make them worth considering. They offer many advantages over sewer lines, and we’ll explore them in this blog post.

The plumbing experts at A Better Plumber and Sewer, serving Arlington Heights, IL, share the pros and cons of septic tanks.

Pro#1: They Last a Long Time with Routine Maintenance

A septic tank made of concrete is usually durable for decades. However, cracks and leaks may lead to severe problems with waste management. These types of issues often go undetected until a routine inspection. It pays off financially and environmentally by ensuring any repairs are done efficiently!

Pro #2: Low Cost

Since they cost less to install, a new septic system will often be a cost-effective option if you own a residential plot. No monthly fee! Because these tanks are independent and not connected to any city setup, they last much longer. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly and safe for your plumbing needs. Even when we talk about maintenance, the costs are comparatively low. And because they are long-lasting, not many repairs are required.

Pro #3: Environmentally Friendly

Septic systems are friendlier for the environment because they don’t contaminate groundwater as leaky sewage lines do. Furthermore, when a septic system does leak, it’s contained only to your property and doesn’t carry citywide consequences. We see these with dump tanks that may pollute rivers or lakes all over town where people might go for picnics or pass by during hikes. Septic tanks cut pollution by using drain fields that capture stormwater before bacteria have enough time for exposure. Even if bacterial contamination were present in untreated waters – which isn’t too familiar considering most modern waste systems remove 99%+ using advanced treatment technologies – these environments would become safer as we all practice sanitation and hygiene ourselves.

Con #1: You are Responsible for the Maintenance

One of the main cons for people who live in homes with septic systems is that they have to take care of its maintenance. You have to pay attention when the tank gets full or starts leaking. Residential septic tanks need to be pumped out every three to five years (depending on how often they are used).

So, as you see, septic tanks have more pros than cons, and you would benefit more should you opt for them.

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