Top 3 Sewer Plumbing Questions Answered!

Top 3 Sewer Plumbing Questions Answered!

Work related to sewer plumbing, whether installation or repair, requires professional assistance. At A Better Plumber & Sewer Company Inc., many of our clients ask us questions about sewer plumbing and how well they can manage their sewage systems for efficient water draining.

As a property owner, you may have several sewer-related issues that keep bothering you from time to time. We provide you with premium drain cleaning and plumbing services combined with years of experience and knowledge of industry best practices. Hire us for plumbing and sewer services anywhere in Schaumburg, IL, at budget-friendly rates. Get a free quote now!

In today’s blog post, we’ll answer three questions about sewer plumbing that we are asked quite often.

How to Choose A Polymer Pipe to Drain Water from the Bathroom?

Please note that some types of pipes are susceptible to temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if misused – e.g., connecting a washing machine drain to them – they can deform. 

That’s why, when buying a polymer pipe, be sure to determine the maximum temperature it is designed for. It is also necessary to examine the end cut. The pipe should be perfectly round; there should be no roughness or sagging. It is unacceptable to connect polypropylene and polybutylene pipes with fittings. They must fit into each other and the welding machine with effort and only when heated.

What to Do if Water is not Flowing Well from the Sink?

This usually occurs due to the clogging of siphons or drainage pipes with objects insoluble in water (hair, pieces of fabric, etc.) and the accumulation of dirt and grease on the walls of the drain pipes.

You can clear a small blockage using a plunger. When the blockage is removed, water will drain out of the sink. If not, make sure to call the experts immediately.

Which Siphon is Better: Bottle Type or Two-Turn?

The most convenient to use is a bottle-type siphon. Its installation is provided on all plumbing fixtures, except the toilet. The advantage of a bottle-type siphon over a two-turn siphon lies primarily in the ease of installation and disassembly when it is necessary to clean a clogged shutter device. The bottle siphon is perhaps the only item from the entire plumbing arsenal that even a teenager can replace or clean – it is that easy.

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