Why Isn’t My Water Heater Producing Warm Water And How To Fix It?

Why Isn’t My Water Heater Producing Warm Water And How To Fix It?

During winter, when you turn on the faucet and cold water comes out, your first instinct may be to blame a faulty thermostat or water supply line. However, there are other possible reasons why residential plumbing doesn’t supply hot water. In this blog post, we will discuss reasons why there might be an issue with your hot water and possible ways you can fix them so that you can enjoy a hot shower! You should contact an experienced plumbing company like A Better Plumber and Sewer in Schaumburg, IL, to resolve your plumbing issues quickly.

Hot Water Runs Out After a Short While

Water heaters come with two heating elements; one is placed at the top while the other is located at the bottom. If the bottom heating element stops working, then it will not produce any hot water at all. This can happen due to corrosion or sediment buildup at the bottom of your heater, preventing electricity from flowing through and producing warmth. A solution to such issues with your residential plumbing may be installing PVC pipe insulation around the base so that there are no more temperature differences between metal objects and pipes inside your home’s walls.

Sediment Buildup on Water Heater Tank

If you notice that water flowing out of the faucet is cold, this may be a sign that sediment has built up in your water heater tank. Sediment can dull metal and make it difficult for electricity to flow through. To fix this problem, clean out any buildup by using lukewarm water or vinegar before turning the power back on.

Call a professional plumbing team to repair this issue if it persists. An experienced plumbing team is aware of all methods required to tackle complex problems.

Small Water Heater

If you run out of water before everyone finishes, it may be because your water heater is smaller than the required size. If you’re experiencing this issue, it is time to invest in a larger water heater. Contact your local plumbing and heating company for more information on the correct size for your family.

Constant Low Pressure

If the pressure coming from inside the home or building is too low, there can be several possible causes: clogged screens, valves, supply lines, filters, or faulty pipes/lines. Your plumber can determine the actual reason by first turning off the power before examining each section, as well as checking to ensure there are no faulty connections. The whole process should not take longer than thirty minutes and will result in warm water once again running through your faucets.

Not Getting Warm Water at All

The thermostat dictates your water heater; any problem in the thermostat means you won’t get any warm water at all. Call a professional plumber to repair the malfunctioning thermostat.

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